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The Texas State Guard Convention Memorial Chapel Service was held at the  convention on Sunday 19 July at 0830.

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The Service was conducted by Chaplains Major J. Brown, LTC Bill Conner, and Captain Billy Corn.

Chaplain Conner can be reached at lcdcadc@aol.co

We would welcome input from all chaplains in the Texas State Guard.  Your e-mail address and information concerning personnel in your unit can be posted on this page.  For information on this just contact

LTC Joe Hicks at host@txusa.com

In Memory of:

Taps for Active State Guard members were Col. Robert Bottorff, LTC William T. (Bud) Hooper, SSG Luis G. Luna and SFC James C. Hoffpauirf was part of the Association Chapel Service for 1998.

Taps for Texas State Guard family members were Mary E Harris (Daughter of CSM Billy Harris), Jesse J. Luce (Son of Patricia Luce), and Carol Cooley, (Wife of Col. Ralph Cooley)


The July TXSG bulletin noted with sadness the death of one of our finest, Col William T. (Bud) Hooper on Monday 22 June 1998.  Col Hooper served in Army, the State Guard, and in civilian life served as County Clerk of Montgomery County, as a city Councilman in Conroe, and was elected Mayor of the city of Conroe.  He was also active in the Masonic Lodge, the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and several civic organizations.


In a message received from Col Raymond C. Peters on Monday, 31 August   1998 it stated:  State Representative (Major) Dan Kubiak passed away Sunday afternoon at his home in Rockdale.  Rep. Kubiak was a member of the HQ Texas State Guard Staff. Funeral arrangements are pending at this time.

E-Mail from Colonel John M. Elkins, Retired  on 27 Oct 98

CSM Frank E. LaFreniere is out of the hospital and with his daughter recuperating. He plans to return to his home on the shores of Houston County Lake near Crockett as soon as he is able. His email address is: gcarmack@swbell.net Thank you for your cooperation and listing his situation on the web. Colonel John M. Elkins

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